Accounting Services

In this dynamic changing business world, survival is crucial, survival with accurate financial information is even more critical for company to stay afloat as a leader in their respective industry. We offer a full range of computerized bookkeeping services for companies who need a proper and complete set of financial statements including:

  • Full set accounts on monthly, quarterly, half-yearly or yearly basis
  • Group consolidation report for group of companies
  • Prepare and customise of financial report for the management
  • Audit schedules for the auditor
  • General account filing, preparation and process management

Why outsourcing accounting is good?

  • You no longer need to worry about staff turnover and lack of continuity for the accounting job.
  • Management should not be bored down by administrative work and focus on business decision making.
  • You should expect high integrity and professional firm such as Truston.
  • Confidentiality such as payroll information will be kept out of bound by staff.

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